A Brief Introduction

I grew up in Bellingham, Washington and have had a pencil in my hand for as long as I can remember.  My passion early in life revolved around drawing, sketching, and designing.  Most of my designs back then were of cars & airplanes, but over time my interest developed into a desire to design different things for people. I then realized, design is more than just the product; it is also the interaction between the product and the user.  I have paid particular attention to that interaction.

The house I grew up in, in Bellingham, Washington

In the 6th grade, I asked for a Wacom Tablet for Christmas, and have been design sketching ever since.  My free time was spent learning Photoshop and different drawing techniques, I also volunteered for a non profit adoption agency designing some promotional material.  My family moved to Arizona mid way through my freshman year in high school.  In my junior year, I began attending Glendale Community College (GCC) for dual credits. The year following my graduation from high school I received my Associates in Arts degree from GCC.

I applied to ASU's Industrial Design program while finishing my AA Degree at GCC and was accepted. The following year I was one of 35 students invited to continue on in the program.  Throughout my education I was pretty focused on improving my sketching ability - especially cars.   I always figured if I could draw a car well, then products would come pretty easy...Which I've found is true.  I graduated from ASU in May of 2016 with a BSD in Industrial Design.